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Pro Mental Coach Golf

Pro Mental Coach is a software program golfers of all skills have always been looking for. Pro Mental Coach trains a player to play better, enjoy the game more, and manage tough times.

Pro Mental Coach provides the following services:

  • Runs a full diagnostic of mental game skills with a comprehensive assessment test
  • Rates and compares graphically your mental game skills to golfers of same handicap
  • Customizes a proper golf mental coaching program that matches your needs
  • Tracks and evaluates every training session
  • Generates maximum benefits in minimum time by adapting the difficulty level for each exergame in real-time

Powered by a Dynamic Intelligence, Pro Mental Coach delivers maximum results in minimum time. Installed on your computer, the software provides 24/7 professional training, at home, with no appointment necessary.

Selected by the PGA Center for Golf Learning & Performance, this one-of-a-kind mental game coaching program is fun, effective and fast-working.