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PGA Fitness and Performance Center

The PGA Fitness and Performance Center is fully equipped with strength training equipment, balance apparatuses, medicine balls, and air pressured high speed resistance equipment as well as everything you would need to improve your golf game.

Fitness Rates:
Physical Movement Evaluation and Program Design - $150.00
Package of 5 Sessions - $250.00

The golf training program will follow these steps to help you improve your golf performance:

Step I - Physical Evaluation
Evaluation of your body movement patterns
Looking for improper movements in the activities
Discuss how these improper movement patterns affect your golf swing and performance

Step II - Corrective exercise program
A corrective exercise program will be implemented to correct the improper movement patterns.
Exercise prescription based on the physical evaluation
Specifically designed exercises to help improve patterns of movement
Help the body to works efficiently and effortlessly

Step III - Golf Exercise training program
Create an exercise program specifically for golf improvement
Include corrective plan into complete training program
Components include, stability, mobility, strength, power, flexibility
Difference between training for golf and training for fitness

Additional components
Warm-up routine
Cool down routine
Nutritional education

The program can be one on one training or groups of 3-5. The program can be designed for home or gym facilities and one visit or multiple visits.

Athletic Performance Information

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